About us

Kogwheel Consulting has been active in the field of personnel selection and development since 1999. During recent years, we have widened the scope of our clients and services, mainly with projects developed for profit oriented companies (multinational corporations and Hungarian companies). Our highly qualified and experienced trainers can assist companies not only in the selection of their new employees and in the development of old and new colleagues but also in solving internal conflicts, in adapting to new situations or in handling an eventual separation (outplacement). The owners and leading trainers of Kogwheel Consulting Ltd. have clinical psychology degrees as well as several years of experience earned in the profit oriented sector (with both multinational and Hungarian companies). Our trainings and programs are available not only in Hungarian, but also in English, French and German languages. Kogwheel Consulting Ltd. is conscious of the fact that our clients have specific needs; our solutions are therefore tailored for each case. We dedicate our knowledge and skills to supporting the employees of our client organisations in their work and to helping them to cope with critical situations

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