Once a work contract has ended, our 2-3 months long program helps former employees prepare for their new life. Our consulting program ensures on the one hand that the person finds a new employment as soon as possible, while maintaining his or her self-confidence. On the other hand, the program aims at strengthening the sense of security of the remaining employees, ameliorating morale and motivation.

The outplacement program of course may only be successful if it is tailored for the individual. Therefore it starts with a personal interview and problem exploring inventories in all cases. Usually the program involves the following topics: dealing with disappointment, stress management, improvement of self-esteem, forming a positive vision, formulating goals and targets, establishing a career program, preparing for job interviews and, finally, job search and job marketing.

When loosing his or her job, an employee is most often frightened, angry and looses confidence. A crisis program conducted with a professional consultant helps to improve the former employee’s self-confidence.

- Getting to know my own skills and competencies with the assistance of a psychologist specialised in the field
- Mapping of possibilities within the segment of interest of the job market with the help of a head-hunter
- Formulation of expectations, desires and goals
- Definition of steps, eventual trainings that are necessary in order to fulfil these
- Competence development tailored to individual needs (e.g.: development of communication skills)
- Job marketing, outlining a job search strategy
- How to write your CV and motivation letter
- Preparing for the interviews, test interview