Corporate trainings

Teambuilding trainings

A well-functioning team is more than the simple addition of the individual contributions of team members. The aim of teambuilding events is to strengthen group identity through experience, in other words, to form a team which is effective, where the members communicate well with each other and perform their best at work.

Intercultural trainings

Cooperation among colleagues from different countries often brings misunderstandings and conflicts. A great deal of these problems are based on cultural differences and are avoidable once the colleagues get to know each other’s cultural background better and familiarise with the formalities of intercultural communication.

Equalities awareness trainings

Being committed to promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment is an important pillar of ethical company life. It requires though the openness and attentiveness of leaders and colleagues towards the matter. It is also important that the company leaders conceive of workplace fairness as an added value that pushes the company forward in reaching its strategic business goals.

Communication trainings

Business success depends greatly on how our colleagues communicate verbally or in writing with clients, partners and each other. Positive communication techniques that are based on cooperation can be acquired by anyone – this is where our communication skills trainings can help. The training develops greatly participants’ ability to gain control over the communication process – both with colleagues and clients.

Conflict management trainings

Cooperation is an essential element of social life. Most conflicts occur because of a disharmony between the interests of the individual and those of the community, which happens frequently in workplace relationships.

Presentation skills trainings

The success of a project or the introduction of a new product on the market depends greatly on the way these are presented. Our development training is recommended for all who wish to learn how to address audiences of tens or hundreds in a confident, relaxed and convincing way, using demonstration tools knowingly.

Stress management trainings

Stress is part of our everyday life and can indeed have an adverse effect on the quality of our work. Appropriate ways for managing stress and for dealing with stressful situations may be acquired by or developed in everyone.

Costumer-focused communication trainings

The image of service and production companies depends greatly on the communication skills of colleagues working in client service. They are the persons who are in direct contact with the client and are responsible for creating a favourable image of the company.

Management skills trainings

„When one is nominated to be a manager, it is as if he or she changed jobs completely”. In a management position it is not the level of professional knowledge that counts any more – since the leader spends most of his or her time managing people.

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